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"The ProCo team never fails to exceed our expectations: whether its revenue, getting us the reports we need or helping our patients".

"Our patient base requires a soft touch. ProCo respects that, while still getting the accounts paid".

"We're a small hospital and we have to be more focused on insurance receivable than our self pay and bad debt. ProCo makes it easy for us".

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ProCo - delivering on the promise

ProCo offers strategic business services for the healthcare industry. Accounts receivable management, collections, cosourcing and consulting are the core of our business.

Healthcare isn't just our focus, it's all we do and it's all we've done for over a decade.

We turn healthcare management risk into a financial opportunity - professionally, ethically and while maintaining positive relationships with your patients.

ProCo has mastered both the science and the art of credit recovery, providing services that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

Contact our Sales Department today to see how ProCo can take the worry out of managing your receivables.

ProCo is a proud member of these respected industry associations: